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If you are ready to move forward and book a party by paying the $50 deposit, please complete the form below.  Our office will receive the form and someone will call you to confirm the reservation. 

Party Date
Time Slot
Birthday Child's Name, Age
Type of Party
Party Party Party Options
Two Concessions
Playland Supreme Character
# of Kids
Food Selection
Additional Services
25 Concession Servings ($35)
Character ($50)
Deluxe/Unl. Playtime (Cost based on # of kids)
Facepainting (Cost based on the # of kids)
Green Room Guarantee ($25)
Are you bringing your own decorations or would you like our complimentary table cloths, plates, and napkins?
Bring my own decorations
Complimentary table cloths, plates, and napkins
Please read and check the following reminders:
I reviewed all policies on the JNJPL website
Sat/Sun Parties- Balance due by Fri at 5pm
Sun-Thu Parties- Balance due the day before by 5pm
Sat/Sun Parties- Pizza orders due by Fri at 5pm
Sun-Thu Parties-Pizza orders due the day before
Please include any additional comments or questions you may have.