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9D Movie Cinema

Prepare for revolutionary, next-generation 9-Dimensional cinema rides that offer a remarkably intense and extreme experience.


Our 9D Virtual Reality Interactive Movie Ride takes the short movie experience a step further with its interactive attraction. Read on for more about the short (5-15 minutes) and thrilling rides.

  • Kids: a wander through the world of dinosaurs, an adventure with bugs, a trip under the sea, Jetpack Adventures, and more
  • Horror: stroll down the Bloody Road, walk down a frightening dock, or check in with a mummy
  • Rollercoaster rides: helicopter journeys, cruises in a jeep, and of course, rollercoasters
  • Everything else: space rides, racing rides, and scuba rides

Price: $7-$9 per movie, Up to 9 passengers per ride

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