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See the various party packages below.  Also, don't forget about the add-ons.  Click here to price additional items for your party.  Children 12 months and under are free (babies). Each package requires a minimum of 10 kids. There is a $50 non refundable processing fee required for all parties (This fee is already included in the prices below).
**One Birthday Child Celebrates for FREE**

Basic Party (2 hours)*
  • Includes playtime only
  • One table in the eating area for 2 hours
  • No party hostess
party for kids
10 kids - $100  
*This party package does not include food.
Weekday Special (Save 25%)
10 kids - $75
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Basic Party Time Slots:
12:00pm - 2:00pm
3:00pm - 5:00pm
6:00pm - 8:00pm
*2 Hours Not Enough Time? If you would like to extend your time past 2 hours, see deluxe pricing for party add ons.

Super Duper Birthday (2 hours)
  • Includes playtime
  • Birthday gift
  • Party Hostess to assist 
  • Food (hot dog & chips or pizza and drink)
  • One concession (popcorn, snocone, or cotton candy)
  • Two tables in the eating area for 2 hours
        10 kids - $210
11 to 15 kids - $285
16 to 20 kids - $345
21 to 25 kids - $410
Click here for additional party options. 
Super Duper Birthday Time Slots:
12:00pm - 2:00pm
3:00pm - 5:00pm
6:00pm - 8:00pm 
*2 Hours Not Enough Time? If you would like to extend your time past 2 hours, see deluxe pricing for party add ons.

Party! Party! Party! Birthday Bash (3 hours)
  • Includes playtime
  • Birthday gift
  • Party hostess to assist
  • Food (hot dog & chips or pizza and drink)
  • Private party room for 3 hours
  • Two concessions (popcorn, snocone, or cotton candy) OR express facepainting OR Pucker Powder OR 9D Movie Ride
10 kids - $260
11 to 15 kids - $360
16 to 20 kids - $430
21 to 25 kids - $480
Click here for additional party options.
Party! Party! Party! Time Slots:      
1:00pm - 4:00pm
        5:00pm - 8:00pm
*3 Hours Not Enough Time?  If you would like to extend your time past 3 hours, see deluxe pricing for party add ons.

The Playland Supreme (3 hours)
  • Includes playtime
  • Birthday gift
  • Food (hot dog & chips or pizza and drink)
  • Private party room for 3 hours
  • Party hostess to assist
  • Choose 2 of the following:  
-One concession  (popcorn, snocone, or cotton candy)
                -Pucker Powder
                -Express Facepainting
-One 9D Movie Ride
  • Unlimited Playtime after the party has ended
  • 10 Minute Character Appearance (Meet N' Greet)
  • 1 Free large pizza (in addition to food above)
10 kids - $375
11 to 15 kids - $525
16 to 20 kids - $650
21 to 25 kids - $750
Click here for additional party options.
The Playland Supreme Time Slots:      
1:00pm - 4:00pm
        5:00pm - 8:00pm

Please read prior to booking a reservation:
  • Payment Options: We accept cash and credit cards. Credit cards require valid id and must be processed in person. Zelle payments are accepted using the following email address:  All credit card final payments for parties must be done in person.  
  • Deposits/Payments: A $50 non refundable processing fee is required to book a reservation (this fee is already included in the cost of the party).  The balance of your bill is due by 5pm the day before your party if you party is scheduled between Monday and Friday.  If your party is scheduled on Saturday or Sunday, the final payment is due by 5pm the Friday before the party.  No exceptions.  If the party is cancelled within 48 hours of the party date, all monies paid are forfeited. 
  • Party End Time/Deluxing: If you would like to extend your party time, please ask about the pricing for deluxe parties with unlimited playtime. Please note that unlimited playtime does not guarantee that you can remain at your table or in your party room.  Your tables /rooms are only guaranteed for your reserved time slot.  If you have unlimited playtime added to your party or included in your package, you are welcome to arrive at any time so that your kids can play.  Your tables/room will be ready at the start of your party time. If your party is not deluxed, the party ends promptly at the time on your reservation. We request that you and your guest promptly exit the party center at the end of the party.  If you and/or your guest remain in the facility after your party is over, a $50 fee will be incurred for each additional half hour. 
  • Arrival Time: The parent can arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the party to check in.  Your guest will be checked in no more than 5 minutes before the party time.  The end time of your party is communicated on the website and on your confirmation email.  When the end time approaches, your party hostess will inform you that the party has ended and proceed with cleaning up your tables or party room.  At that time, if you would like to remain at our facility past your party expiration time, please let your hostess know so that she can provide you with the price for additional playtime. In addition, guests will be checked in from the start of the party until 10 minutes prior to the end of the party.  Please inform your guests to arrive in enough time to join your party. 
  • Confirmation: We are not able to remove services or decrease the number of children after you have confirmed your reservation 2 days prior to your party.  All changes are due by 5pm two days before your reservation.  We will initiate the confirmation call.  If we do not reach you, we will leave a message.  If you do not return the call, we will assume the reservation will remain as is with no changes.  You will be charged for what you reserved for.  
  • Facepainting: If express facepainting is going to be provided with your party, only the children with party wristbands will be included in the facepainting (no adults).  Any children that are paid for at the register for open play the day of the party will have to purchase facepainting individually for $6. 
  • Characters: The character does an appearance for a meet and greet, and pictures.  Our characters are not performer. 
  • Additional Kids: Everyone 17 and under is required to have a wristband.  If you have additional children to join your party after you have used all of your wristbands, the cost is $8 or $12 (open play rate for that day) per child if you choose not to upgrade to the next package level.  The $8 or $12 covers admission only for 2 hours.  No other services or food is included. 
  • Guest Lists:  We do not use guest lists.  Your guest will be signed in and given a party wristband from your package as they arrive.  If you are inviting guests that you do not want included in your package, please inform them ahead of time that they have to pay admission so that they don't request your party wristband. 
  • Socks: Socks must be worn in the play arena at all times by adults and children! No shoes are allowed on the play floor.  Socks can be purchased at the register for $1.50 for those who do not have socks. 
  • Decorations: If you are bringing decorations for your tables or room, please remember that we do not allow decorations on the walls, confetti, silly string, or piñatas.  If any of these items are used during the party, you will be subject to an additional $50 cleaning fee. 
  • Birthday Cake/Ice Cream: You may bring a birthday cake and ice cream for your party, but no other food is allowed.  If you bring cake and ice cream, please bring utensils for your cake and ice cream (knife, forks, spoons), candles, and a lighter. We will provide the cake plates and napkins for the children included in the party.  More may be available upon requests. We do not refrigerate cakes, but we are able to put your ice cream in a freezer after it has been properly labeled.  Your host/hostess can assist you with this. 
  • Host/Hostesses: If you have a host/hostess assigned for your party, the host/hostess will be able to assist you as needed.  Most of our hosts/hostesses are responsible for two parties at a time.  
  • Party Waiver: A waiver must be signed for all kids who enter the play arena.  We will sign each child in as they arrive for a birthday party. If you are coming with a group, the waivers are on our website at  
  • Party Food: Your food will be served approximately 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes after your party begins.  All other food can be purchased at any time throughout the party.  The concession stand closes 30 minutes prior to the time the facility closes. All concession tickets must be used before the concession stand closes. 
  • Adults: Adults are not allowed on the inflatables or to participate in basketball unless they purchase a $5 wristband.  These are available at the front register upon arrival.  
  • Room Assignments: Room assignments in your confirmation email are tentative.  Final room assignments will be communicated when you arrive for your party. 
  • Party Pictures: If you have party pictures, pictures will be taken throughout the party until 20 minutes before the party is over.  At that time, the camera will be turned into the office.  We will email you a link to view your party pictures online. 
  • Bikes: Motorized vehicles and bikes are not allowed in the facility. If someone is bringing these items as a gift for your child, please instruct them not to bring it into the facility. 
  • Dress Code: Jump N’ Jam Playland is a kid friendly, family oriented party center for children. We expect all of our guests to remain respectful at all times which includes appropriate dress attire. Please note our dress code below that is strictly adhered to.
    ·       No tops that advertise substances that are illegal for minors or profanity
    ·       No mid-drifts (exposed stomach area)
    ·       No see through attire unless clothes are layered
    ·       No high waist hot shorts or extremely short shorts or skirts
    ·       Pants must be worn at the waist, no sagging. 
  • Room/Table Capacity: Please be mindful that you are reserving space for your party.  The number of guests that are invited to your party should fit the space reserved.  If you have an excessive amount of guests in your reserved area, management reserves the right to refuse additional guests (adults and/or children).  The maximum number of children that can be included with any party package is 25.  We do not allow add on children beyond this capacity.  You will have to book a basic party in addition to the original package to include more children.
  • Other entertainment: Outside entertainment is not allowed at the party center.

Please be mindful that you are reserving space for your party.  The number of guests that are invited to your party should fit the space reserved.  If you have an excessive amount of guests in your reserved area, management reserves the right to refuse additional guests (adults and/or children).

Outside entertainment is not allowed at the party center.

Jump N' Jam Playland is a family oriented and safe environment.  All guests are expected to be respectful of themselves and everyone else in the party center, including adults and children.  If any violations to this policy are observed, you will be asked to leave the facility IMMEDIATELY.  Violations will not be tolerated.  We appreciate your cooperation in advance. .

Monday: 3pm-8pm
Tuesday -Thursday: 12pm-5pm
Friday: 11am - 5pm
Saturday-Sunday: Office Closed

Note: Prices and time slots are subject to change.
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